How to Flow to American Airlines


Once you have chosen Envoy to begin your commercial pilot career, you, like most, want to know how the flow to American Airlines works. The program, spearheaded by Envoy in 2014, has sent over 2,000 pilots to American since it began.

Our pilots frequently refer to the flow to American as a peace-of-mind, knowing that their dream of flying for a major airline will come true through their service to Envoy. As of today, that dream will come true in less than six years.

How it works is simple: complete an interview (the last one of your career), enjoy the journey flying with Envoy, wait for your seniority number to be called, and then make the seamless, easy transition over to American. Whether you came to Envoy as a Cadetmilitary pilot, experienced commercial pilot or university student, the process is the same for each path.

The Envoy Journey



At Envoy, we only hire the best of the best, and that’s why we’re confident in the training and skills of our First Officers who will find their way to the Captain’s seat in around two years. By that time, you will have the knowledge and ability to lead a flight crew ensuring each of your flights are safe, secure and efficient.

As you gain most of your airline experience as a Captain, you will be constantly updated on your status in regards to flow-time through a website that lists your seniority dates and proximity to flowing to American. A year out from your flow date begins the flow lock, which can only be changed in the cases of changing aircraft types or displacement.

As Envoy continues to grow its fleet and pilot pool, the time to flow to American is the shortest it’s ever been at under six years. Right now truly is the best time to become an airline pilot, and most of that is proven by the lucrative salaries, state-of-the-art aircraft and career progression.

Here We Flow Now



It’s here, the big day that you’ve been waiting for since coming to Envoy. You’ll be sent an email congratulating you on your career with several options of class dates at American that you can choose to best fit your schedule.

This conditional pre-employment offer from American is valid for one year, but most only take six months to set up their first day of class. Envoy will then complete your PRIA (Pilot Records Improvement Act) documents, and you will need to update your personal information and application with American on

The last step before heading to American is to complete a drug test and fingerprinting – again, there is not another interview or technical examination, and this is not just a foot-in-the-door. This is a guaranteed job with the world’s largest airline.

Dreams do come true


Former Envoy pilots on their first day of training after flowing to American Airlines at American’s pilot training center.

“Envoy is seemingly similar to American from a technical and operational standpoint,” said John. “That meant in training, I could primarily focus on learning the 737. The overall training experience was wonderful. From day-one, I felt like I was part of the team. All the instructors and check airmen emphasized that their job was to help us be successful.”

There you have it – How to Flow to American. Going into it, it may seem complicated or a little far-fetched, but nothing could be simpler. Once you choose Envoy, you only have one interview for the rest of your career and a one-way ticket to flying for American Airlines.

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