Soaring High with Tech and AI at the World Aviation Festival

The World Aviation Festival is an annual conference and exhibition for leaders of the world’s airlines and airports. The three day event brings a community of 7,000 global executives together to be inspired by 600 speakers from the most forward-thinking airlines, airports and travel technology companies.

Envoy team members had the opportunity to attend this year’s event in Lisbon, Portugal and hear from industry leaders regarding innovation, data utilization to improve operational efficiencies, and hiring/retention to determine what the aviation industry can do to build better, longer-lasting relationships with customers and employees.

Embracing the future

Airlines have been particularly impacted by pandemic-era regulations, workforce volatility, and unpredictable consumer demand. While working to recover, our post-pandemic goals go far beyond replacing staffing levels and increasing revenue. As we continue to recuperate and grow, we are leaning into technological advances to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our operation overall.

“The World Aviation Festival was a wonderful opportunity to network with global industry professionals and learn more about emerging aviation trends,” shared Director of Talent Acquisition Strategy, Jay Shah. “The conference covered a wide array of topics, such as increasing use of AI in the industry, business optimization, hiring/retention and enhancing the customer experience through technology.” 

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the insights gained from the conference, it is clear that the aviation industry is not just recovering; it is evolving and soaring to new heights. The conference served as a reminder that embracing technological advances is not just a necessity but an opportunity to redefine the aviation landscape. By investing in personalization, digitization, and AI, airlines are not only future-proofing their businesses but also fostering a new era of travel—one that is marked by unparalleled convenience, exceptional service, and unwavering safety.

Thank you to our team members who attended the conference and shared their feedback! We are already looking forward to next year’s World Aviation Festival 2024 in Amsterdam.

Click below to watch highlights from the World Aviation Festival.

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