Here we grow again – Four new E175s to join Envoy’s fleet

In March of this year, we announced that we’re adding six Embraer 175 (E175) aircraft to our fleet. In June, we shared that we’re adding another seven E175s and five E170 aircraft. And now in October we’re pleased to share that Envoy will add another four E175s to our growing fleet.

For those of you keeping count, today’s announcement brings our confirmed fleet commitments to a total of 150 Embraer E-Jets that will fly for Envoy – 116 E175s and 34 E170s.

“This continued fleet growth is a direct reflection of American’s faith in Envoy and our mission to provide safe, high quality and cost-effective flying for the American Eagle network,” said Envoy Senior Vice President, Air Operations, Dee Temples. “More aircraft enables Envoy to grow our Air Operations organization – both on the ground and in the air – and is essential for the future success of our Company.”

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