Love is in the Air: Captain Kevin Shafer and First Officer Christy Shafer

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes, but few soar to the heights of Envoy First Officer Christy Shafer and Captain Kevin Shafer’s romance. What started as a friendship blossomed into a lifelong partnership fueled by a shared passion for aviation.

This Valentine’s Day, our Envoy couple shares their love story, journey to Envoy, and how they give back to the aviation community.

Love at first flight

It all began in 2018 when they crossed paths at the AeroValley Flying Club in Denton, TX. Christy, with her lifelong love of airplanes sparked by her grandfather, and Kevin, who took his first Young Eagles flight at age 10 and never looked back, found common ground in the clouds. As Christy pursued her ratings in her very own Piper Warrior, Kevin offered to give her flying lessons, and their friendship soared.

It wasn’t until early 2021 that their relationship took flight romantically. They discovered that beyond their shared love for aviation, they were also a great match outside of the flight deck. And so, against the backdrop of North Texas skies, they exchanged vows in April 2022, sealing their love in an unforgettable ceremony in an airplane above Lake Ray Roberts, north of DFW Airport.

Envoy is for lovers

The duo’s professional lives merged seamlessly, transitioning from friends to a dynamic pilot couple. Working together in the flight deck became their shared dream, turning each workday into a unique opportunity to spend quality time together.

For Christy, joining Envoy was an easy decision, drawn by our DFW base, stellar reputation for outstanding flight training and opportunities, and the allure of flying the Embraer 175.

“I’ve always wanted to fly the E175, and the benefits Envoy provide made it an easy choice for me,” Christy shared. “My favorite part of the job is getting to fly the 175, and the highlight of my career so far was getting to be my husband’s first ever First Officer after he upgraded to Captain!”

Kevin’s path to Envoy unfolded during his time as a flight instructor at US Aviation. “An Envoy recruiter first introduced me to the Cadet Program,” shared Kevin. “The appeal of being part of American Airlines Group really solidified my choice to fly for Envoy.”

Couple goals

Away from the flight deck, Christy and Kevin’s passion for exploration knows no bounds. From the mountain villages of  Switzerland to the vibrant streets of Japan, their adventures together have become the backdrop to their love story. Together, the couple has witnessed the raw power of Hawaii’s volcanic lava and marveled at the colors of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, and continues to enjoy the world of aviation, and how aviation connects us to the world.

Even amidst their global escapades, home is the aviation community for this happy couple. Flying their beloved “Warrior” together and inspiring future aviators through discovery flights keeps them connected to their passion.

Kevin’s role as a Line Check Airman allows him to mentor new pilots at Envoy, while Christy volunteers with Professional Standards, contributing to the growth and well-being of the pilot community. In her spare time, Christy is also a YouTube personality on “Taking Off,” an aviation channel where she shares a look inside her day-to-day as an Envoy pilot.

Thanks to Christy and Kevin for sharing the love with us!

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