Pilot Career Compensation

There’s a lot more to your compensation as an Envoy pilot than your annual salary. In fact, that’s just the beginning.

We pride ourselves in not only offering a competitive salary and incentives at the start of your career at Envoy — we also add consistent and cumulative bonuses and benefits during your entire career, through flow-through and retirement.

As an Envoy pilot, you’re a part of American Airlines Group (AAG), which means that you immediately start receiving company benefits, such as travel privileges, AAG profit sharing, performance bonuses, 401(k) matching, and healthcare. You’re also put on the fast track to becoming an American Airlines pilot, where the sky is the limit for your salary and overall compensation.

Here are some other attractive benefits you can expect as an Envoy pilot:

Vacation – Pay

  • Lineholders – trips missed within vacation block (minimum 21 hours per week).
  • Reserves earn 3.9 hours per duty day.

Vacation – Accrual

Years       Weeks

1              1 week

2              2 weeks

7              3 weeks

14            4 weeks 

Sick – Pay

  • Lineholders – trips missed.
  • Reserves earn 3.9 hours per day.

Sick – Accrual

  • PTO bank includes both sick leave and vacation.
  • Accrues 2.5 hours per month.
  • Maximum PTO accrual is 300 hours. 

Days Off

Envoy pilots are awarded a minimum of 11 days off per month.

Per Diem

  • $1.90, plus $5 per international overnight or CDO.

Minimum monthly guarantee

  • Lineholders – 72 hours.
  • Reserves – 75 hours.

Line guarantee

100% of scheduled flight hours on final award including open time, reassignments and JA; excludes negative trip trades, drops, missed assignments, or CA’s rejection of aircraft.

Cancellation Pay

Greater of original or actual time.

Basis of Pay

Greater of scheduled or actual block hours on leg-by-leg basis.