NEW! $165K Bonus* & Quality of Life Perks*

Pilots with Part 121 upgrade-qualifying experience earn up to an additional $22.5K bonus

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We’re committed to giving our pilots the best Pay and Quality of Life possible. Whether it’s updating our bonuses to annual payments, giving you better trip schedules, increased Holiday Pay, or more days off — we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how the new Bonus Payout Schedule will go, with chunks of cash paid out during your entire journey from Envoy First Officer to American Airlines.



We understand that while bonus cash is nice, your Quality of Life is just as important as your paychecks. We believe that our new Quality of Life Perks* are some of the best in the industry!


  • NEW Industry Experience Credit — Pilots with previous Part-121 experience can count their years of service toward compensation rates, vacation days and retirement benefits at Envoy. Those hours are also eligible for Captain Pay as a First Officer.
  • NEW Captain Pay as a First Officer Receive Captain’s hourly rate at 750 hours while you fly as a First Officer.
  • NEW Long Call Reserve — Get at least 12 hours notice before your trip assignment.
  • NEW Minimum of 12 days off per month
  • NEW 1:2 Duty & 1:4 Trip Rigs — Get paid for your downtime on trips with fewer flights.
  • NEW 100% “Deadhead” Pay
  • NEW 150% Holiday Pay Six paid holidays plus Halloween and the “Big Football Game”.
  • NEW 250-Hour Sick Bank Payout — Turn those unused sick days into extra pay days when you transition to American Airlines.
  • NEW Preferential Bidding System Build your monthly schedule based on your preferences. (Coming soon!)
  • Preferred Crew Bases Envoy shares hubs with American in Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, and Miami, with paid hotels for travelling to and from training.
  • Generous Commuter Policy — We offer up to four paid commuter hotels per month.
  • Fleet Renewal — Envoy will have a growing fleet of Embraer 170 and 175s. We also operate the Embraer 145.
  • ATP-CTP Course Paid For those candidates who need to complete the exam prior to training.
  • Global Entry — We offer a $100-reimbursement for Global Entry/TSA Precheck memberships to speed you through security.


Play the video below and get a behind the scenes look at becoming an Envoy Pilot.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Envoy is the largest regional airline provider for American, the world’s largest airline. And with an industry leading flow-through agreement to American, Envoy pilots have a direct path to a mainline flying career, with no additional interview required.

There’s never been a better, or more lucrative, time to become a pilot. With a starting pay rate for new hires of more than $50 per hour, increased sign-on bonuses, and opportunities for career advancement, Envoy is leading the industry in pilot compensation. 

Start living your dream today. Contact us at Envoy Pilot Recruitment at (972) 374-5607 or email


* Terms and conditions apply.

**Approximately based on Cadet Program.

†Balance of First Officer Sign-on Bonus.